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Do you want a non self-centering joystick (F-16, DCS helicopters, Airbus) but cannot find one...?

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Hi pilots 🙂


This is not about an input bug of the F-16 but about a problem of how all computer joysticks are designed.

I hate it with how much force these centering-springs in all joysticks are pressing against my steering inputs. There are no non-self-centering joysticks with a smooooooth-going hydraulic cylinders to simulate some slight resistance instead of using some cheap stupid way to stiff feather underneath available on the market.


All the joysticks on the market no matter how expensive, use an absolute uncomfortable and very tiring super-stiff spring. A way to strong force and pressure is therefore constantly working against the hand, which is very tiresome and is not giving a realistic flight feeling for the Airbus A320 (Flight Simulator) and the F-16 (DCS).


I have a nice little trick for you which will absolutely enhance your flight experience.

With a cable tie you can make this small modification on your joystick (in my case a cheap but nicely looking Mad Catz I got on eBay), and wow I absolutely love it - impressive new flight feeling!

Absolute precise maneuvering of the F-16 is now possible with having the pressure of this annoying self-centering spring reduced to 10%.

This is TRUE FLYING (instead of constantly combating a spring so stiff that half of the time when not pressing the joystick down to the table I was moving the joystick`s ground plate stand around instead of moving the stick itself.)


If you have this problem too, or want to fly helicopters (for example the new oncoming fantastic Hind D or K-50 Hokum) and therefore also can`t stand these superstiff ulstra-strong self-centering springs all joysticks have - just grab two cable ties and do the same I did on the pictures, and enjoy your new and absolutely enhanced flight feeling:





Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 20_01_42.png

Digital Combat Simulator 21.05.2021 20_07_35.png

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