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Training Mission Request

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Good afternoon all,


My brother, a friend and I are all looking to learn to play DCS. I am the least experienced on flight sim type games but i'm getting the hang of it. We are using the community A4E Skyhawk as a way to learn a full fidelity aircraft before we make the plunge to buy a module since they are very expensive. 

What I was wondering is if there is a kind person out there who could make us a really simple Sandbox training mission that I can host multiplayer so we can learn together? I was thinking something like an aircraft carrier with 3 Skyhawks, perhaps 3 on an airfield too, and maybe some target ranges for air to ground practice and perhaps even some easy air assets that we can shoot down a bit like drones. 

We basically want to try to learn everything from basic flying to combat functions as a trio to enjoy the interaction together. Would this be possible (and not too time consuming) for someone experienced with the editor?

Thank you very much

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