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Regarding the Chieftain Mk.3

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Hi everyone,


Very pleased with the new models that came with 2.7.1, it's great to see some new stuff (as well as a fairly comprehensive Leo 2 set).


However, I've noticed some things that seem odd with the Mk.3; it actually seems to be a Chieftain Mk.7/L (which is a Mk.3 upgraded to Mk.5 standard, and then further upgraded as part of the 'Totem Pole' upgrade).

  • The tank features TLS (or 'Tank Laser Sight'), which AFAIK is the small optic to the left of the gunners sight (EDIT: nope, this is for MRS). This also coincides with the L21A1 ranging gun being deleted, and the installation of L11A5 with MRS (muzzle reference system, which I'm pretty sure coincides with the addition of TLS and the IFCS). Note that the encyclopaedia still lists the L21A1 ranging gun in the armament, whereas on the actual tank in DCS, it's been deleted. 
  • The NBC pack is in line with the upgraded pack as fitted to the Mk.5 and subsequent tanks, the Mk.3's NBC pack is a lot different (I'm pretty sure a Mk.3 without TLS or MRS, and with its initial NBC pack can be here (though from 41 seconds on, it switches to a later variant, with TLS, MRS and the upgraded NBC pack of the Mk.5 and onwards).
  • In the encyclopaedia it gives an engine power of 760 hp; the Mk.3's L60 Mk 6A had 650 hp and the Mk.8's L60 Mk 9A had 750 hp.
  • In the Chieftain_mk3.lua inside CoreMods-> tech -> TechWeaponPack -> Database -> vehicles -> Tanks, it lists the AP ammunition as L23A1 APFSDS, the Mk.3 only had L15 APDS and various variants thereof. AFAIK, APFSDS projectiles came with the Chieftain Mk.5/4.


There are a few other issues, but this is irrespective of the variant, and for some, the ground unit fidelity just isn't there:

  • The commanders cupola is supposed to rotate independently, on the new Leopard 2s, the commanders sight is animated. This cupola also has an L7A1/L7A2 GPMG mounted (the mounting is there, but no gun), which can be fired from inside the tank. On a related note, the encyclopedia seems to think the coaxial MG is a PKT, it's actually an L8A1 (essentially an L7A1 with a fume extractor for firing in enclosed spaces).
  • Apart from the Mk.11 the Chieftain has a large searchlight on the left of the turret, while this is present on the model, the cover isn't animated. Incidentally, this searchlight also has an IR filter which can be installed on it (which I think can be stored on the cover), such that the searchlight only emits in the infrared.
  • Unlike the new Leopard 2s, the hatches aren't animated.
  • Also unlike the new Leopard 2s, the armoured covers for the optics aren't animated either.


And there are the same issues that plague all ground units, but that's for another thread.

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The small optic is actually for MRS

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