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De-fueling takes from Main tank, never Aux, never finishes


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- After yesterday's DCS Open Beta patch, I just tried filling up the P-47 to see what percentage fuel we need to ask for now to fill the Main tank entirely and leave the Aux empty. 

- Overestimated with my guess of 80% and filled the Main entirely and the Aux about 1/4 full at 25 gallons.

- Wanted to empty the Aux so refueled again this time to 70% fuel. The Main tank drained some instead of the Aux, which stayed at 25 gallons. 

- Wanted to reset to empty to try refilling from scratch so refueled again this time to 0%.

- And now the refueling (de-fueling) is running forever. Main shows empty, Aux stuck at 25 gallons.

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