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Delayed Fusing Leaves No Bomb Crater

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Neither Sturz MV not Wagerecht MV fusing leaves a bomb crater, while Sturz OV and Wagerecht OV do. I have attached a track file with 4 bomb runs on an airfield, showing the effect of the 4 fusing types. I have also included a short video of the tests. 



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Thanks for the detailed write-up @Ketchup


Would be nice if we could get resources dedicated to this issue right away.

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Kein Anderer als ein Jäger spürt,

Den Kampf und Sieg so konzentriert.


Das macht uns glücklich, stolz und froh,

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For me WW2 knife fighting is where it’s at but the way this era of warfare has been left to languish with unresolved problems in many of the aircraft and their weapons plus the train situation on line is just disheartening to say the least.

These problems and others are now making me think long and hard about future purchases.

Please DCS fix these problems so that I and others can continue to support this great product.

Please because I would dearly love to add the Mossie to my collection but it would need better love and support than the aforementioned have received for me to purchase.


My commitment so far to D.C.S.


Combined Arms

Super Carrier

AJS 37 Viggen

AV-88 Night Attack V/STOL

F5E  Tiger 11


FA-18C Hornet

Flaming Cliff3


Mig15 bis

UH-1H Huey


The Channel


Assets Pack






Spitfire LF MK1X

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