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Reprojection problem? I don't think so...


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Hi all:

Since upgrading to version 2.7 I have experienced the performance drop that most have also reported. But I wanted to ask about another issue of concern as well that has come hand in hand with this update.

I fly with VR (Reverb G2) and with the reprojection in auto mode. Here I notice due to the performance drop that I have the 90 fps less frequently and for shorter periods. For this I have to remove any kind of clouding. Even using the old ones the drop is noticeable. So I think that the problem of this version is not only caused by the new clouds....

What I wanted to expose you is that, now I have a problem when for example I see a plane approaching from the front in a dogfight. I'm used to that with the reprojection - just in the merge, I see the enemy plane double for a few moments. But the thing is that now when I see it coming from the front and it is just a few pixels, they vibrate in an outrageous way, even to the point of looking like two contacts instead of one. I'm not talking about a double/ghost vision of two planes overlapping. It is something different. And it is seen in one eye as well as the other. I thought it might be caused by asynchrony or something like that. I also came to think it was because of the "heat blur" effect that I always have it on low, but whether I remove it or put it on high it doesn't fix it.

I get this problem even in F3 view, where sometimes my plane almost shows up as two when it is still quite far away. This didn't happen before. The phantom effect occurred when it came close to camera and for brief moments. If the reprojection didn't come in you would never see my plane double. But now even when the green steam square is displayed indicating that the reprojection has not come in I get this unpleasant effect.

Has anyone else noticed this?

By the way I am also one of those who saw the sea more real in version 2.6. Now even with a high wind the crests of the waves and their foam do not look half of what we had before. And then it is also curious to see clouds reflected in the sea even if the sky is clear...


Saludos SUAVES!!!

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