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Can we please get some key binds for the “emergency” systems please?


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First of HB you are doing a great job. The cat just gets better and better   

could we please have some one binds for the emergency systems? “Else” binds would be ideal but at this stage even on/off binds would be great. Im thinking about important and common  things like


emergency flight hydraulics

hydraulic transfer

Air start

engine crank

Emergency fuel shutoff


Those are the ones that I think would be most useful, the rest like all the engine/throttle things and the spoiler oride and generators could wait but the ones listed are ones that I find myself using.


it’s not a major but it would be a huge quality of life fix for sure

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Please add your wish to this thread:

HB stated that they will read all of the requests and add them later in the development.

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