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Ships at Sea

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Hello All


Not sure if this should be here, but lets start here.


Important notes for realities of "ships at sea", the ship will never sail at sea with the "Jack Staff" or "Ensign Staff", sorry Canadian Navy terminology, with the flag poles erected at sea, these are always taken down when you leave the harbour, and erected at anchor or when entering harbour.


All ships lighting except the Port and Starboard running lights and Mast Head steaming light should be off unless at flying stations


Regarding the SuperCarrier, the forward flight deck lighting (right of Cat 1) does not provide enough light to see the Cat Director


These just pieces of information, not meant as critizism. It's an AMAZING program!



Perry at Sea.jpg

Burke at Sea.jpg

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I was wondering about that. It seems like maybe you could dim the lights on a carrier if you have it in a conflict zone (maybe in mission editor). Just thinking out loud. I am not a coder and I am sure that would be a great deal of work. And I agree it is an amazing piece of work. Hats off!! 

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On a cruiser (DLGN) we kept a white stern light and the port and starboard lights on, otherwise it was always darken ship.  If life was likely to become more exciting the white stern light would be a blue convoy light.  Red lights on the bridge; hugely visible on the forward deck at night.


I read a book sitting on the aft missile launcher on a moonless night; the stars are that bright in the middle of the IO once you adjust to the darkness.

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