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CTLD: Changing spawned crate shape/type and distance from helicopter

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I got two silly questions:


1. Is there a list of associated "shapename" and "cargotype" available anywhere for the DCS objects?


2. What is the best way to bring closer the "spawned" crate regardless of the position of your helicopter inside the "pickzone" ?

I want the crate to spawn closer to the helicopter instead of the 75-100ft away from it (forcing a "cleared area" for pickup to be bigger)

Adding an offset to x and y can't work (unless I am doing it wrong). 


 _crate = {
                ["shape_name"] = shapename,             -- Shape of the crate
                ["type"] = cargotype,                             -- Type of crate
             --   ["unitId"] = _unitId,
                ["y"] = _point.z,                                      -- Position of the spawned crate y axis
                ["x"] = _point.x,                                      -- Position of the spawned crate x axis
                ["name"] = _name,
                ["mass"] = weight,
                ["category"] = "Cargos",
                ["canCargo"] = true,
                ["heading"] = 0,




Any help is appreciated.


My systems:


Windows 10 64 bits


32.0 GB RAM

500Gb SSD

Asus ROG 2080ti

HP Reverb


Windows 10 64 bits

I7-6820HQ CPU @ 2.70Ghz

32.0 GB RAM

500Gb SSD

Nvidia Quadro M4000M

TrackIR 5

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