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make toe breaks on rudder pedals act like accelerator and brake for combined arms?

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I have a stupid but funny idea. I have Saitek Pro Rudder pedals with toe brakes. And I want to use them to drive tanks and cars in combined arms.


I can assign the accelerator axis to one toe break pedal only. But the way it is setup is for joysticks that are in their neutral position at a 50 % (0.5) value.

Means I have to find the middle position with the toe break pedal in order not to press the accelerator nor the brakes. If I push that one toe break pedal I assigned fully down I get full acceleration. If I let go it will just do a full breaking with blocking wheels.

I was trying to clamp it with the custom curves. but I can only spread out the full range to the custom curve but not clamp it that way that having pressed the break at all equals a 0,5 value which would be no input or a joystick in neutral position.

I would like to assign 0% - 50%  to one pedal as brake and 50% to 100 % to the other pedal as accelerator pedal.

Does someone have an idea how to do that? (I did a nice illustration using my incredible mouse drawing skills 😉 )


toe break.jpg

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I think the "easiest" option you could do is to use Joystick Gremlin to map the axis ranges so that this would work.
There other alternatives but I don't think you'd be able to avoid using some software to do the mapping

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