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GBU24 wrong Warhead


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good morning
I noticed that on DCS WORLD the gbu 24 doesn't work correctly.
the GBU24 A/B is not classified and does not work as a "Bunker Buster".

There are two versions of the GBU24
 - 24 / B - Conventional MK84 body (Not present in DCS World)
 - 24 A / B - BLU 109 penetrating Body like GBU31 (the one present in DCS)

I ask if possible to report and correct this problem.


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The one in DCS is a BLU-109 equipped GBU-24A/B variant (would be great if ED would name things to include the specific variant).


They've hidden the .lua files so I can't check what warhead it's using, nor can I confirm what the warhead is supposed to do. Last time I checked though, it was defined as using the BLU-109.



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