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I am having issues with my bios. My 3 bios control boxes show their ports are connected in the web interface. However, when I jump in the jet very few controls work on one, and the other two are completely non-existent.

I close DCS and check the bios web interface and then the ports are all gone. I'll exit dcs-bios and start it all over again with the same exact issues. The serial ports are connected again, dcs starts up, bios boxes gone.

I'll swap USB ports, I've restarted my PC, checked for updates. Uninstalled/ reinstalled dcs-bios so on and so forth.

This isnt a consistent issue, as yesterday after messig with this it worked itself out. Tonight I've had no luck, and I notice this issue happens every few months. I want to blame it on around the times when stable and beta are merging together. So I can either wait for DCS to update to 2.7, or maybe someone here has an idea what may be the issue. I'd greatly appreciate any help. 

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