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T-45 Goshawk NTTR Map Skin - Fallon V.I.P. Flight.

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Here are a pair of T-45 Goshawk Skins I made with their V1.0 skin template. I finally dove into DCS this month & this is my first skin effort.

Wanted to do a more wrap-around camo, but really liked hnow this turned out. Still figuring out layers & spec effects.

Any comment/feedback welcome! Now to land in one piece on the SuperCarrier!


Would love to up-load skin files but still learning how to post files bigger than 5MB?

T-45 Blue NTTR Livery_01.png

T-45 Desert NTTR Livery_02.png

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Just upload to Mediafire and post the link here. Nice skins BTW.

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I don't need no stinkin' GPS! (except for PGMs :D) :pilotfly:







i7-9700K - 64GB RAM

RTX 2070 SUPER - TCL 55" 4K

Corsair K70 RGB + Stream Deck 15/XL - TrackIR 4 Pro

TM Warthog, F-18 Grip w/ Mag Base, and 3 Cougar MFDs w/CH Pro Pedals

Win 10 Pro - 1TB M.2 SSD - Delta Sim TDC






A-10 AV-8 F-5/14/16/18/86 M-2K P-51 UH-1

FW-190 MiG-15/21 FC3 *Supercarrier* CombatFlite

Channel Nevada Normandy Persian Gulf Syria TACView WWII Assets


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T-45 Goshawk NTTR Map Skin - Desert & Desert Blue.

Hope these files work OK for everybody. Just used Template, flattened image & exported the files. They seem sorta big tho.

Still learning the whole process. Want to do a three tone and digital wrap-around camo, but am still trying

to figure out where all the panels and maps meet!





Fun skins for buzzing around the Nevada map. Good for FAC training, V.I.P. range tours, Etc.

Have fun & ENJOY!

Comments & feedback welcome, Thanks!


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