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Wake Turbulence

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Hey Guys,


So I recently started flying (sim-ing) with wake turbulence on. As a result I started doing quite a bit of internet research as to how to deal with it.  I have about zero real world pilot experience.  A few things I do not understand.


Let me say that in DCS I am sure the modeling of wake turbulence to be 100% accurate effect would be monumental.  It could be a entire simulation in itself. 


For this purpose, I am only concerned with how it works in DCS.


Case 1 - AAR

I notice that below and directly behind the tanker (1000') the air is smooth.  I approach the tanker until just about at the point when I would radio "Ready Pre-Contact".  Moving in from there I get a significant amount of lift which continues until I am just about ready to actually connect to the probe.  At that point the lift effect is gone.  I call it "Flying through the hump" (Burble?) and I generally sort of dash through it a little and at the same time applying down elevator. 


From the wake turbulence visualization I have seen and information that I have read about the wake should generally be moving downward.


This lift normal?



Case 2 - Jet wash

A couple of examples, but in both I feel zero effect.  One example would be on the runway for take-off directly behind the lead aircraft (ex: 3 ship).  The run up, hold and count down to brake release there is no turbulence.  Another example, I have in the past trained for AAR by basically shoving the nose in as close as I could get it to the tankers left or right outboard engine.  I did this just for practice.  After turning on wake turbulence I tried it.  Sometimes I was extremely close to impacting the cooling air exhaust nozzle with the nose of the A-10, again no turbulence.


Is  jet wash modeled? 

If so how accurate would it be?



Case 3 - Formation Landing

I have done it once and to say I am not very good at it just yet.  But I did notice wake turbulence on the way down as I got out of position a bit.  However, at just about the point where the lead aircraft rotated for wheels down I got allot of lift.  I basically felt like I had to really shove the aircraft down even though I felt like I was in a pretty good echelon right position right about then.  I had full flaps and a good amount of air brakes deployed.


This lift normal?



Thanks in advance,




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