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L-39C has noticeable adverse yaw - is it an error in Flight Model?

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I am a pilot IRL, new to DCS, and am finding it very challenging.  I selected the L-39C as my first module, since I have a dozen hours in two real L-39's, and I have no flight time in any of the other modules (except the Christen Eagle).


In the DCS L-39, when making line-up corrections on short final, I roll left and the nose yaws right (the wrong way) initially before tracking left. Same for roll right.  At 200 knots level, half-aileron results in the ball moving a full width out-of-place.  These are the classic symptoms of adverse yaw.  Not enough rudder being co-ordinated with the ailerons.   Almost all prop planes (and all gliders) have some amount of adverse yaw.

The trouble is: real L-39's have NO adverse yaw, none, and need NO co-ordination of the rudder with the ailerons.  (Like almost all jets, I've been told. I wouldn't know.  The L-39 is the only real jet I have flown). I would not care about most flight model errors. But  I do this one, because I notice it every time I move the stick, and it impacts the basic control of the aircraft.


I don't have rudder pedals yet, and applying just the right amount of stick twist is very challenging. And I should not have to be adding rudder in the first place to fly this aircraft.   I assume there is an error in the Flight Model?  The module has always been like this, and I just need to get used to it? Or it's a new bug that's appeared?  Or I have the controls set up improperly?  Or it's something else?


Like I said, I am brand new to DCS.  Can someone more DCS experienced that me (that would be anyone) help me with what is going on? 


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The adverse yaw was there 5 years ago when I bought this module, so I think it's always been like that. Can't comment on the amount of it - I just got used to it and I'd recommend doing the same.

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Thank you so much Art-J !

You have

1) validated that I am not the only one who is aware of this.

2) and that the "fix" is to get used to it !  (Which is fine with me. I just wanted to know what was going on.)


Now I just have to figure out which rudder pedals to buy.


Thanks again !

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Well this is weird. I bought the L-39 a year ago and had zero adverse yaw to the point that I brought it up here on the forums, after being used to adverse yaw in the Tomcat. 

YouTube Channel: "Clutch"


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