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F-14B Stream Deck XL Profile

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Hey guys, Since I dont see much out there. I made a complete 2 page F-14B profile. I do NOT take credit for ALL of the icons as some were from an existing profile but I found it was missing a lot that I wanted so I made my own and used others as a base.

Ive made a lot of custom buttons of the actual in game switches as well. Some are mine and some were made by another user long ago. Attached is the complete profile I use. 

One hurdle I faced was that the Course knob on the HSD does not have a key binding (HINT HINT HEATBLUR). So far the only way to turn it is with the mouse. SO i made this an incremental knob where CRS = about 30 degrees Clockwise and FINE CRS = 1 degree Clockwise. Its been a minor gripe but honestly pretty simple this way. 

You may need to spend some time with jester keybinds since theyre all custom but I use voice attack for Jester anyways.

You may need to set some of the keybinds yourself, I also have an F16 and an AV8B as well but theyre not quite finished. IF people like this then I will follow up with the other acft.

Hope you newer users enjoy.

NOTE: ***This only applies to the B model unfortunately, but I never fly the A so it works. You need the DCS Stream Deck Exports Scripts and the Interface for streamdeck***



DCS F-14B.streamDeckProfile

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