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Possible HARM POS/TGP bug


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When using HARM together with the TGP, the HARM POS mode is looking at my TGP location, not the selected steerpoint. Is this a bug or working as intended?


This happens when I have boresighted my mavericks on the ground and leave the TGP looking at the selected "alignment target" (I know that HARMs/TGP/MAVS is probably not a common loadout (or perhaps not used at all IRL), but I use it for training purposes).  


Then, when I'm airborne and enter HARM POS mode, the HUD symbology and HSI is navigating me towards the TGP location ( in my case back to the airfield where I boresightet my mavericks) and not towards my selected steerpoint. 


The "bug" is solved whenever I recenter my TGP back to the selected steerpoint (which I probably should do anyway after boresighting).


In advance, thanks!



EDIT: Track file uploaded

POS TGP bug.trk

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Track file upload


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I am not sure I understand the problem completely, would it be possible to use an airstart mission to make the track as short as possible?




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