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Cockpit Switches & Rotary Keybindings!!!

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Some guys don't want to use modded EN cockpit, and I completely understand this. They want to use officially by H.B.


Same; I don't want to try to take care the modded keyboard or joystick keybindings lua file before DCS update and after update install, everytime!


Years passed and there's no attention on something to improve game fun, playability by the devs.


There is a mess about switch keybindings. H.B. and everyone in this game has 3-pos switch HOTAS? If you put a command for your HOTAS specifically, why don't you put additional commands for users who use "other" HOTAS?


Is it really really that hard to complete switch and rotary commands in the cockpit?...


Switches and rotaries can't be assigned on HOTAS properly.

Some have CW and CCW commands, some don't.

Switch sounds doesn't work properly.

You can't create a home cockpit for yourself for years.


Sorry, these are the things in my mind for years...


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