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Thank you and well done!

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Just finished The Enemy Within 3 played for first time with DCS v2.7 and A-10c II.

That was an awesome, immersive and memorable experience.
Well done Baltic Dragon and all contributors to the campaign.


I don't know if there was a The Enemy Within 2 or 1, but the campaign felt quite polished both story and play through. Probably the most stable campaign I've played. Perhaps starting this late had benefits? Using the helmet sight and A10 v2 was great.




Coming from Red Flag Mirage, I initially wasn't aware there were no radio messages to start the mission, just get going when ready. That made me late for the stadium fly over, but the crowds didn't mind.


I never got ILS to work even once. Used TACAN and eyeballs.
Mission 20 was the only one really needing it. I ended up landing on the taxiway.

Made a test mission for Kobuleti and it worked fine. Not sure why not in campaign.

Some further tweaks for v2.7 would be nice, as per other thread.


DCS needs to improve AI. My wingman often didn't return home due to controlled flight into terrain.
Otherwise he made it to the runway only to crash on landing or land and drive through fences and trees.


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I have just finished the campaign and would like to thank You Baltic Dragon for few weeks of good and exciting fun. I have also learned a lot more about A-10 than in the past. 


Campaign is very immersive, especially with new weather settings. Of course the last one has its bad sides.


I had to give up with mission 20 after about 10 attempts. Generally, the visiblity was acceptable in the mountains and flying was more challenging, but nearby the target I could see nearly nothing apart the blast from AAA defending the target. It caused CCIP bombing nearly impossible. When trying with CCRP with low altitude, I couldn't find a clue with setting up the parameters (elevation of WP updated as in the kneebord). Everytime the computer  refused releasing Mk-82s about 2 seconds before the proper point. I could not find out what was wrong, Studying the configuration of mk-82Airs many times.


There were some trigger problems in few missions which need polishing. For example: I had no success with saving Schaeffer (German pilot). After utilizing 2 APCs chasing him, and the stationary "trap" group nothing was happening through about 15min. I stopped tracing Schaeffer and starting to wasting the ammo on single infantry units. Then suddenly everything "wakes" up, Schaeffer screams about a tank, it takes some minutes until I find him again and... it is too late.


Problems with wingman were mentioned many times. Sometimes he is very helpful with his ammo, sometimes not. Sometimes I was just changing the load before the mission, knowing that he won't beusueful in that specified mission and will perform the suicide on the first spotted tree. However I agree, it is the problem of whole DCS engine. Generally, orders for wingman are not clear and not specified deeply in any DCS manual. I never know if wingman will attack the target basing on my SPI or any other target whcih is primary in his mind


Generally, big thank you!! Very good job 😉 I cannot imagine how much work does it need to design the campaign like this. I had finished your Raven 1 before but I liked TEW3 more. Maybe because it is more "natural" and does not force your action to look exactly like in the book. 

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