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Dustblower MP

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Dustblower MP
v2.0MP - 20210510




Discussion Thread: this is it
Download Link: please click here


Major Differences vs "Dustblower" (original version)

  • Complete re-write of the scenario- and game engines
  • Fully Multiplayer (multi-unit and multi-crew) 
  • New region: Adana
  • Crews now compete for high score
  • Crews can claim smoke color
  • Improved LZ generation, smarter smoke offset 
  • Global High Score (per-Crew)
  • Directions to target LZ are given with bearing and range
  • Tower radio chatter (on frequencies 124 and 251 MHz)
  • Communication with High Spire includes location
  • Each location now sports 3 helicopters of each type 
  • Random air traffic 
  • Wind. Oh yeah. You aren't in Batumi any more.


This mission represents more than 200 hours of work. If you don't like it, that's fair and fine - and an opportunity: please give me a chance to make it better; tell me what or how this mission can be improved. Of course, the same applies if you happen to like this mission 🙂

REQUIREMENTS: SYRIA and a HELICOPTER mod (Huey, Black Shark, Mi-8, Gazelle)


SUMMARY: "Dustblower" is a score-based, no combat, single-/multiplayer, competitive Dynamic Helicopter Landing Trainer set in Syria. 


CAVEAT EMPTOR: If you did not like the original "Lawnmower" or "Dustblower", you don't need to bother with this one.




After finally acing that landing on the gas platform off Batumi's coast, you are now "Dustblower One", training with High Spire in Syria. As before, Landing zones are created dynamically based on the difficulty that you request. Currently, you can train in:

  • Haifa
    Densely populated, Haifa is a beautiful city with a busy port. Missions here are somewhat more difficult than their Caucasus (Lawnmower) counterpart, with the "difficult" missions bordering on dangerous. Also not helping: the drop-dead beautiful scenery that will distract you. 
  • Adana
    Where difficult landings become legendary ones. Even more densely populated than Haifa, Adana is home to two airfields, sprawling suburbs, industrial zones, and some memorable landmarks that are sure to show up as a LZ (only on challenging level) when you get lucky.  

To liven up your task, and unlike Caucasus, there's a steady breeze coming in from the sea which you'll have to take into account when making your approach. Oh, and you are racing the clock in more than one way - sundown is sixty minutes after start-up. Landings will get progressively more difficult as darkness falls across the Mediterranean Sea. Finally, there's some air traffic that may or may not try to stay out of your way. Try not to end up on the windshield of a C-17, will you?

How to: 
Request a landing from "High Spire" (via Communications->F10:Other) and choose a difficulty (easy, normal, or challenging). High Spire will create an LZ accordingly, mark it, and send you on your way.

All LZs are generated dynamically, from tens of thousands of possibilities. Due to the way how landings are generated, some 'challenging' LZs may prove be impossible for your skill/helicopter combination, and may have to abort.
Each landing is scored individually, while High Spire keeps a running total until you crash or change airframes). After five or more successful consecutive landings, your overall skill is rated. Harshly. So better step up your game, soldier! Should you crash your helicopter, your total score is reset to zero. Good news for those of you who are brave enough to instruct: when you are flying multi-crew, only the pilot is rated.


In multiplayer, each helicopter is scored individually. For high-score, the "Highlander-Rule" applies: there can be only one. No matter what team, difficulty, airframe or location, only the highest score is retained.

Currently all DCS flyable helicopters (Huey, Ka-50, Mi-8 and Gazelle) are supported. You can switch between airframes at any time - just remember that scoring is based on the helicopter's pilot, so you if you change the airframe, your score will reset. 

Each Landing is scored based on the following parameters

  • Difficulty level (easy, normal, challenging)
  • Time required until touchdown, with some leeway added in for distance.
  • Quality (precision) of landing
  • Helicopter type 

LZ are marked by a ring of tires with a red flag sticking out (easy and normal mission), or a ring of red flags (hard). Additionally, the position of the LZ is marked by smoke that is positioned outside the LZ. Use the smoke to locate the LZ and judge the wind before you get too close. Teams can choose their own smoke color by request from High Spire. 

A touchdown outside of the marked LZ fails that touchdown with a score of 0. Aborting an exercise counts as a failed landing (Score 0) towards your total and average score.

You must also avoid other units moving about, even if they intrude on your LZ. Landing on a road is therefore not advised. Fly with an eye out for other helicopters or planes, as both Haifa's and Adana's airspace is busy. 

You can choose between three levels of difficulty:

  • Easy:
    your landing zone will be mostly unobstructed and can be approached from any direction. It's big enough even for inexperienced pilots to hit, maybe even land in. There is a generous time limit, and breaking the limit will simply add less to the score.
  • Normal:
    your landing zone may be partially obstructed, so plan your approach direction. Landing Zone size is still generous. Time limit is shorter, breaking the limit also only results in a lower score
  • Challenging:
    your landing zone is virtually guaranteed to be obstructed from at least one side, and usually there are obstacles (trees, buildings, vehicles, power lines) close by that may even extend into your LZ. Size of the LZ is what you could expect in real-life extraction missions. Time limit is harsh, and breaking the limit will reduce the entire score to zero. As in ral life, you run a slight risk that the LZ provides an insurmountable challenge, and you'll have to bite the bullet and abort (with full zero score penalty) rather than risk crashing.

Helicopter difficulty:
- Ka-50 (easiest)
- UH-1
- SA-324
- Mi-8 (hardest)

- HIND: tbd
- Apache: tbd 


Nobody ever said it was easy. But it's fun!


To install, download and move "CFrag's Dustblower MPT.miz" to
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS\Missions\
    C:\Users\[your user name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Missions\

Start DCS, then click
    - Mission (Note: NOT Training)
    - My Missions tab (upper left)
    - CFrag's Dustblower MPT


Start DCS, then click
    - Multiplayer
    - Click 'New Server' 
    - Add CFrag's Dustblower MPT to your mission roster and select it
    - Click on 'Start'


Mission Roadmap:
- More refined audio
- patch for closest zone calculation


Version History
v2.0 - 20210515
Initial release, replaces the original "Dustblower" 

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Thanks. Played Haifa last night and it seemed to work well. Crashed on my 5th challenging landing though ☹️


Will have a go at Adana next. Need some more Mi-8 practice.


The work you have put into this shows. Thanks for all your effort.



Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3080, 32GB Ram, Oculus Rift S, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and Stick.

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  • 3 weeks later...

What a shame. Everyone who develops missions for us to download needs our support and encouragement. DCS would not be half as much fun for single player users without these missions.


Don’t get too disillusioned cfrag. I am sure there are lots of users who appreciate the efforts you and other mission makers put into these downloads.

Ryzen 5900X, RTX 3080, 32GB Ram, Oculus Rift S, Thrustmaster Warthog Throttle and Stick.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb cfrag:

Mission deleted. 

Too many people downrated this mission without bothering to say what to improve. 

Hey cfrag,


I'm sorry to hear that. I'm just starting out in DCS, so I've hadn't had the chance to fly your missions but I'm sorry that you got negative feedback on your hard work. 200h is a huge amount of time and effort and it's sad that the missions are no longer available.


Wishing you all the best!

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It's sad to read these things.

Luckily I have their missions and I can enjoy them.

I personally thank you for your effort in creating missions for our beloved helicopters.



My skins

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On 6/2/2021 at 8:18 PM, cfrag said:

Mission deleted. 

Too many people downrated this mission without bothering to say what to improve. 

So i just downloaded and played CFrags DustBlower, When you see whats near the top in the Ratings charts for the Huey, And you compare it with your mission, I think the ratings are fair.
And to delete missions because you arent happy with the ratings youre getting, when even your missions will help the newer players, i think it just seems a little petty.
Someone somewhere will be loving your missions, So keep them uploaded- one 'share' to a forum and you may get a higher rating or even feedback-

Having spent some time building missions, I think it wouldnt be fair to rate your mission as highly as something like these.

Your mission isnt bad, but its not very addictive, or fluid, or thought out.
For new players- i think they'd enjoy it, but for the seasoned players like myself- we honestly expect alot more.

Its not good enough for 5 stars, but with a few changes, it could be.. honestly.
Fly to blue, land. Use comms to select another landing zone. Comms says we have to fly over the runway to get a landing zone.
Fly to runway, get an LZ, repeat.
Its repetitive. And a little boring after the first two landings.

Theres nothing to this mission to keep me entertained for longer than five minutes.
It needs story, and continuing landing zones.
Not Fly to blue, then fly to green to get a blue.
Fly to Blue- Then to another Blue- Then to another Blue ETC
Then give me a Score based upon my landings, pace, time, quality of landing etc.
Score = 5/10 Go faster to get a 6/10. Land more carefully and youll get a 7/10 etc. 10/10 is Max Score

I chose hard landings because you say 'the LZ is what you would expect in real-life extraction missions', but my first 'Hard LZ' was on a 45 degree incline (made it then lost a skid), 15 yards from a level LZ in between two buildings which was just as hard, and when i imagine which LZ they'd use in a 'real life extraction mission', I doubt it would be the incline.

The ratings.. What does it mean? Where is my rating in the ranks? Whats top/bottom? How do i know if ive done good?
My stats- What do they mean? Total score 6353 (avg 1270)? I dont understand. Its not clear enough.
After playing for 10 minutes, i dont think id be playing it again.


Things i liked.
The scoring system, this was great- and if this was used effectively, youd be onto a winner.
But the mission pace works against the scoring system. So im not motivated to play it again, because i want the landings not the 'fly to runway'.

What id like to see improved.
Rankings- I wanna see where i am in the rankings, not told im a 'fixed-wing pilot' with no reference of how good or bad that is.
Story- If ive got to go back to the starting position, there'd better be good reason for it, instead of 'just to get a new LZ'.

Scoring- Tell me how to improve my score, give me consecutive landings, on real life examples of LZ's not on a 45 degree incline above an empty car park.

Sounds- Hated the robot woman, after twice communicating with her, i was irritated enough to be motivated to end the game. Lose the comms menu after each landing.
I dont want to have to talk to anyone- if im practicing landings, than thats what i should be doing, i should only have to use the comms to change my next task, not select a task.
Landing should be automatically setup one after another.

I hope you dont take any of this any other way than as constructive, but i think if you put a little bit more time into this, it could turn around within a few weeks.
Dont take my review too harshly, with a little direction, youll get there..

I hope this is the feedback youre after..


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