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AI units not respecting Doppler Radar speed limit defined in DCS scripts

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I did setup Notch practice mission with AI in exact angle to be in notch, than I start easy turn into bandits to keep RWR indication in exact beam possition to be in notch. My FL100, hostiles at F200 and FL300.

Su-27, Su-33 and J-11 can found me even if i tried my best, even I lowered my speed to around 250kts. Than I meassured closure speed and bandits ground speed. This two speed was almost equal and certainly in limit of radar for these planes. Many AI planes are still able to track me. I know about AI able to calculate my posittion and fly also to this calculated possition if radar contact lost.

        ["N-001"] =
            velocity_limits =
                radial_velocity_min = 210.0 / 3.6,
                relative_radial_velocity_min = 150.0 / 3.6,

        ["AN/APG-73"] =
                velocity_limits =
                    radial_velocity_min = 100.0 / 3.6,
                    relative_radial_velocity_min = 100.0 / 3.6,


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