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Implementation of the real colored bands on the hoses for aerial refueling.


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Air refueling is very difficult.

Often I am able to center the basket but I'm unable to maintain the connection for more than a few seconds.
This certainly derives from my skills but also from the aids available in DCS.
First, refueling speeds and altitudes should respect those established in the real procedures to avoid highest AOA or excessive speeds but secondly, reference points should be provided.

In particular I am referring to the colored bands on the hoses, which are missing in DCS.


In reality, the tubes have white and colored bands to inform the pilot how far the receiver is moving away or how close is to the refueler plane. These bands are missing and should be implemented.

The correct sizing of hoses and the bands are described in the following document (for almost every type of refueler):




See also:

Air-to-Air Refuelling | Joint Air Power Competence Centre (japcc.org)


Please, plan to implement that content.

Thank you very much.


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