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Wrong pylon for LAU 118/AGM 88

Swamp Fox Loader

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Just wanted to report that the pylon used for loading a LAU 118 launcher rail used for AGM 88's on stations 4 and 6 should be a MAU 12 weapons pylon and not a wing fuel tank pylon.  No hurry, I know you guys have a full plate right now.  Thanks.

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Tank Pylon Assembly seen in image is what ED is using for everything on 4/6, and that is incorrect. That pylon is only for fuel tanks, it goes up as a assembly comes off as an assembly, even jettisoned together, the pylon doesn't stay behind. The configuration with the HARM in this image is correct, and since they have unrealistic data suggesting that weapons are loaded to 4/6, the configuration seen here is what should be mirror in the game. Again the tank pylon assembly is only for the fuel tanks, not used on any other suspension configuration.

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thank you

A question.
As mentioned by =Panther= the pylon currently used is not part of the aircraft but part of the external fuel tank.

Is this being accounted for in the currently on-going FM review? I mean:

1)the current "pylon" is removed together with the tanks if tanks are jettisoned (reducing drag)

2)A new pylon is offered to mount weapons


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