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ViLA - Control your Virpil LEDs from in-game events!

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Hey guys, after my proof of concept last week I've finally uploaded an application you can use to control your Virpil LEDs - ViLA.


Landing gear LEDs
F/A-18C Landing Gear LEDs


It's pretty basic right now. It links to DCS-BIOS events, and you can tell it to set the color of an LED based on that event. This is different from Virpil's tool because you can map any LED to any DCS-BIOS event. This also means that when you use a control like the caution lights test switch, you everything lights up for you.

Caution lights test switch
These LEDs are mapped to their individual functions, and the caution lights test switch causes DCS-BIOS to send outputs for each BIOS code.


It's a console tool right now, and I know the configuration experience leaves a lot to be desired - I'm working on it. In the mean time, I hope somebody can find some use for it!


APU/engine fire test
F/A-18C Fire test switch. Note that pressing the master caution button resets it, just like in the actual aircraft.

The tool is also extensible via plugins that can be written by anybody. The DCS-BIOS integration is currently a plugin. However, you could write your own plugin so that it interacts with Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, MSFS2020, or anything else!

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4 hours ago, Zeagle said:

I might test it out when my Virpil package gets here


Awesome, let me know how it goes! Feel free to reach out if you run into any trouble 🙂

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