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AI Task Push - bugged by template

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I wrote about this issue before in other place too.

Issue: When I try to place a trigger with AI Task Push - AI ACTION has no drop down window with actions to pick from. See screenshot bellow.


I found that this was made by a unit placed in a scenario via static template. It was a vehicle, APC Tiger with a triggers, and push task - play .wav.

Once I remove that unit everything back to normal. It took me some time to find this one little...


The bugged .miz is attached below, I remove all other units and objects from it.


It looks like using static templates can bug .miz files in some fancy way.


Steps: After opening attached .miz in ME create a unit with some Task Push, then go to triggers and try to place a trigger with AI Task Push. You should see AI ACTION missing. Once you remove unit from Mozdok all works fine again.




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Having this issue as well. Exactly as described. Except after I remove the unit, the bug still persists. It seems to affect all units with triggered actions and they all must be deleted first.


EDIT: It might be more than the static template. I have several groups with triggered actions to SET FREQUENCY and TRANSMIT MESSAGE. I noticed the triggered actions disappear sometimes and I have to double click or triple click on the unit to select it when this happens.

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