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IFEI question

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When the MODE button is pressed once, "SP" along with 3 digits is displayed.  I've only seen "888" on the first press.  If "QTY" or the up arrow button is pressed, the number cycle through different values.


What does "SP" mean and what do the various values that cycle though indicate?

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I can answer that QTY cycles through the fuel tanks and their quantity. Image from Chuck’s Guide. 


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The MODE button is used to set the clock and time zone in the IFEI. Please refer to NATOPS page I-2-75

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Just now, Wroblowaty said:

After first press of MODE button you enter "Service mode", second press gets you to time and date settings. However i do not know any details regarding service mode functions.


Ah, thanks.  I don't think my post was very clear as the responses from @=Panther= and @Shimmergloom667 did not address my actual question.  I already understand about cycling through tanks and setting date/clock/TZ.  What I was trying to figure out was what "SP" signified and the various numbers that are displayed next to "SP" when you press QTY or up arrow after MODE is pushed a single time.


It seems like this is something that is cosmetically implemented but has no real impact on operation of the plane?

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SP means you are looking at the MSP codes (troubleshooting codes basically). The code 888 is used as a test for the display inside the nose  wheel well to show  that all segments of the lights are working. 

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