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Good campaign (short review)

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As I think this campaign doesn't get enough praise I thought I would just give a short feedback here. I hope it can help someone who is undecided about purchasing it.


This is not a heavily scripted, story-driven campaign. The goal here is to put you in the shoes of a WW2 pilot after the Normandy landings. You take off and land always from the same airfield near Caen. Some missions are repetitive, like in real life ; there are many "armed recce" where you chose what you do based on a simple briefing (follow that route, engage convoys...). There is not a lot of hand-holding and this is a positive I think. You need to make decisions to engage or not, to RTB or to push ahead...


There is a lot of flexibility to progress. As long as you survive a certain amount of time, the mission is considered a success. You can replay the mission or progress if you are not happy, but you will not get "stuck" on a mission just because you forgot to kill one unit or you landed in a field near allied troops after taking damage. But if you eject over enemy territory, it is up to you to say "I failed" and try again - the campaign doesn't force you to do it.


There are usually some surprises thrown in there, flak you didn't expect in an area, enemy fighters showing up, etc. This is all great and helps to give this a more authentic vibe. Same for bombardments and bomber raids on Caen happening sometimes. Despite this, performance was very smooth for me, and I never experienced any issue. Great job on the technical side. I also enjoyed the 2.7 new clouds/new lighting to give a more atmospheric feel to the campaign, and to also force me to fly into danger sometimes (3000ft ceiling when you are doing navigation based on visual cues means you cannot climb out of AAA range).


My only point for improvement would be that I do not like the PDF briefings. I play in VR, so launching the mission, alt-tab to my desktop to check out the PDF file somewhere in a sub-sub-sub folder, with the headset over my head... I much prefer to have the briefing in the game. The PDFs are high quality, no question, but they are not as convenient and I would prefer to have the option for in-game briefing as well.


Thank you @Bunyap for this campaign, you did a great job. The 2.7 magnifies the Normandy landscape and amplifies the atmosphere of the war, which you recreated so nicely. I had a lot of fun.

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