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[Fix in next update] Autopilot not holding bank angle

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Hi, we're sorry to inform you that there's currently a bug in AP that will prevent it from holding the bank angle. Unfortunately the fix didn't make it into this patch.

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I can confirm that too. I was just about to post it and saw this post.


ATTItude autopilot is not working since last update, it was ok in the initial 2.7 update, it is the latest update that broke it. The autopilot all the time tries to bank rick, very slowly but in a constant way .


This happens also with the altitud autopilot, it holds altitud, but starts banking righ slowly.


At some point, both autopilots desingage.



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Posted (edited)

I've just had this issue.  I think it maybe the same issue. 


I was off to Raqqa to attack an ISIS stronghold. I departed from Jordan and because I'm rubbish, but still learning AAR I was carrying bags along with gbu 12,s. 


I thought it was a weight issue but seemed to be slightly leaning on the taxi out. My load out was symmetrical. 


When in the night sky my plane was banking even in autopilot.  


I aborted the mission and returned to the King Hussain Airport.  


Hope this is fixed soon. 


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Very annoying autopilot bug. Can't use cruise missiles with camera because can't hold the plane still. Plane is rolling to the side, then to the ground!

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