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Problem with trim gettin stuck ( center position trim mode)

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still relatively new to the Mi-8 ,  but slowly getting a hang of things. In the special options tab  I use the "center position" mode for trim.


One thing I noticed is that my trim seems to freeze at times and at other times its fine. What I mean is this:

I press the trim button and it works , I get the trim click sound. But after that the helicopter controls seems frozen, i.e. its not 

accepting any new commands if I move my Joystick/cylic. The controls remain frozen in the trimmed position.Needless to say this is

suboptimal in low altitude hover.


Its happening relatively often, but not always, sometimes its fine, i. e. after trimming I can move the controls and the helicopter reacts

out of its trimmed state.


I let go of the stick of the stick each time after trimming, so the joystick should return to the center position, so this should not be the cause for this.

Does anybody have any ideas what causes this or experienced the same issue?


Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding the trim system? My best guess for now is  joystick(hardware) noise meaning the joystick

might not always  really move back to center position even if I let go of it. Its an old stick and has some small issues.

Kind regards,



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OK, disregard this,


I think I have finally found the problem after further testing. I'm just writing this in case somebody else has the same issue in the future. It was not my  joystick. 

This was a combination of 2 things that caused this behaviour. Number one, a while ago I enabled the rudder trim option in the special options tab, after

first flying with it off.

Now the 2nd thing was, because I initially flew the module without this rudder trim option I had gotten used to keeping in anti-torque input with the pedals (my rudder set).

I unconsciously kept doing this even after enabling the rudder trim option. And this caused the mentioned problem. My Joystick was centered after letting go of it, but because my hardware rudder pedals were not centered as well, the trim system did not register center position and did not accept new control inputs.


Kind regards,



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