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Mission 7 and weather

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Well, looks like there are too many clouds to employ LGB bombs in mission 7.

With some luck I can try to use them as dumb bombs and do some CCRP bombing (and say goodbye to "precision strike") but I don't think I can do JTAC in that conditions...

Do I miss something? 🤔


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Hi LordOrion,


I agree, that is a little too tough.  Mission 7 is the only one that did not do well with the new weather.  I have submitted updated files for all missions so hopefully it will be available in the next update after today's.


When we get JDAMs with INS/GPS guidance, that would be an interesting mission though.  The most game-changing aspect of the new clouds isn't necessarily the visuals, it is that they extend over the entire map.  The targets in all but the shortest 'instant action' style missions always had clear skies because no clouds were rendered that far away from the starting point.  It is great that cloud cover set by the designer matters now. 

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