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Lightning Pod not slaving to WP coordinates with WPDSG

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After pressing the WPDSB button on the HSI or SA Page (DDI and AMPCD) the target point is locked (can be seen on HMD) but the Lightning POD ist not slewing to the target point and remains in snowplow mode. Even after undesignate and redesignate via WPSDG problem still remains. Power down and restart TGP dosn't work either.


Weapons loadout was 2x IR Maverick and 4x GBU-12

Problem was observed after firing the Mavericks and dropping all GBU-12s.


This problem happes from time to time and is not always observable direct from the start.  I personally observed it after dropping all ordonance (mostly GBU-12)

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Try cycling through the track modes (ATRK -> PTRK -> INR). I've noticed sometimes if I designate a TGT position with another sensor (e.g. AG radar) the pod doesn't slave immediately until I cycle the track mode.


I'll try and get a track file up later when I'm not at work.

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