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Stores page - Mk. 82 AIR on the outermost pylons are selected separately from other AIRs.

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If outermost pylons are loaded with Mk.82 AIR ballute bombs in addition to the same bombs on any other stations, those two outer ones require separate selection, fuze setting and can't be dropped in a ripple with AIRs from other stations.



In my tests this occured only with AIRs. Snakeeyes, slick bombs and Mk. 20s were selected at once on all pylons and rippled together.

Also, if another type of weapon is loaded along with AIRs in this setup (like Hydras on inner pylons for example), it can not be selected from STRS page, as all the OSBs in top row will be occupied by bombs in two modes (this should not occur when outer bombs will be selectable with all the others) and gun, even after all the bombs are released. Those weapons can only be selected with station buttons on armament control panel.


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