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LoSetCommand function in Export.lua

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The LoSetCommand function in Export.lua - can this be used to set a specific stick position etc. from e.g. an external script?



From Export.lua located in the install folder: 


function LuaExportBeforeNextFrame()
-- Works just before every simulation frame.

-- Call Lo*() functions to set data to Lock On here
-- For example:
--    LoSetCommand(3, 0.25) -- rudder 0.25 right 
--    LoSetCommand(64) -- increase thrust



I am trying to make a more sophisticated autopilot for the MI-8, and I was initially planning to do it by extracting data by using the LoGet...() functions and send it to a python script, and use a virtual joystick to provide control inputs to DCS. If i can provide input to DCS directly by using LoSetCommand functions, I think that may be a better solution.


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