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Assigning axis to mouse for external views.

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So I did a clean DCS install and when checking my control bindings, I deleted the mouse axis bindings, not realizing they would control the outside view panning etc.....( thought they were some of those spurious axis bindings that DCS seems to automatically assign....) 


I have tried to re set, by clicking on the axis assign, but when in that box, it does not seem to register the mouse / trackball movement ? How can I re assign these please? 

System specs: Scan 3XS i9 9900K @5ghz, 32GB Corsair veng DDR4 2666, EVGA GTX 2080ti Win 10. Reverb G2 , 50 inch 4K Phillips monitor. Real simulator FSSB R3 with F-16 SGRH grip and warthog with RS F-18 grip, plus Cubesim TM MFD's, Tir5. Winwing F-18 throttle, Tek creations UFC, panels. Cougar throttle & TUSBA, plus ICP for the Viper. MFG crosswind rudders. Jet seat and butt kicker..

VR Settings: 90% (90 & 100 ), motion re projection locked 45 FPS, MSAA x2, shadows off, water med, terrain low, draw distance med, no aniso. DCS PD =1.    15ms GPU frame time & super smooth....looks great too.

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