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Infantry Units crash to desktop

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When trying to place Infantry M249, Infantry M4 or Infantry Soldier JTAC in editor DCS crashes, or when trying to load a mission containing those units.

Note that I haven't tested vanilla infantry units for Russia e.t.c.


For whatever reason this message comes up when loading a mission as described above.


Shader "bazar/shaders/model/fake_omni_lights2.fx" failed to compile. Reason: warning x4717: Effects deprecated for D3DCompiler_47 D:\DCS World\bazar\shaders\model\fake_omni_lights2.fx(66, 13-91): error x3017: 'calculate_position': cannot convert output parameter from 'float' to 'float3

PC: Good enough for running DCS flawlessly on high end settings :thumbup:



Thrustmaster Warthog Hotas

Slaw Device Rudder Pedals

Trackhat Headtracker

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thanks for letting me know I was just looking at this and could not reproduce. 


Maybe a unofficial mod?


Anyway glad you are not crashing now.



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