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The strange case of the coward Chaparral

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I just set up a mission with a Ka-50 on the Red side and two units on the Blue side; one Avenger and one Chaparral.

I made sure these two units had an excellent skill and were fully alert!

As I close in with the Kamov, eventually the Chaparral engages me and fires one missile, which misses.

After that he stops pointing his missiles at me and simply gives up.

Could we be before a case of a coward AI driver?!

I proceed to the Avenger which proves a bit harder to defeat.


The strange case of the coward Chaparral.zip

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When I play your track, I see what you saw (Chaparral fires once, then kind of sleeps). I then played your mission, and the Chaparral shot at me twice.


I then created new missions and there was no issue with the Chaparral.

Chaparal_OK_with_human_Ka-50.trk Chaparal_OK_with_AI_Ka-50.trk Chaparal_OK_with_AI_A10C.trk

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