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Game Keep Crashing in Multiplay on both 2.5 and 2.7

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This problem has been monthes to me.

In 2.5 I can keep play single play for hours without any problem, but in most of servers the game will crash after 10 - 20 minius entering the game. As far as I know there is only a small amount of servers cost no crash.

While in 2.7 I still can play singleplayer but when in multiplay all server will cost crash randomly, Sometime is an hours sometime just a few miniuts. For the most of the crash for 2.7 happens when after landing and rearming and when I use F2 to see outher player. I dont think is a hardware related problem, I have a I7 6850K 32G DDR4 RAM(Running on 2133MHz because I have a old mother board), and a ROG 2080TI and DCS is runing in a brand new SSD I just purchase for 2monthes.

Log file for 2.5:https://github.com/theFSO/server_news/blob/master/2.5Logs.rar

Log file for 2.7:https://github.com/theFSO/server_news/blob/master/2.7Logs.rar


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BTW I cannot choice other subtopic to post this problem groove is the only place I can start a new post.

In addition, when the game crashes, it not only crashes my DCS but also crash most of the software running on the same PC like TeamSpeak, Discord Chrome and etc.

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