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BVR missiles and Mach Diamonds overhaul

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1st of all, this is not a bug, but it seems the most appropriate location of the forum to post.

New video of Israeli Python 5 A-A BVR missile in when being launched. Looks pretty stunning to me, seeing those circles every meter (or so) using high speed cameras.



Looks how it looks pretty similar to the fighter jet`s engine when in after burner mode.

This is how AIM-120C looks like when firing:




And for an instance how the burning of other missiles look.

AIM-9 Sidewinder:


AIM-7 Sparrow:



AIM-54 Phoenix:


Also here you can see those circles, but I guess it hasn`t been recorded with modern high-speed cameras.



This is how it looks now in DCS:


I don`t have any intensions of saying something against current fire and smoke state, but it make whole thing more immersive when a missile is being launched, and watching it fly. Looks like AIM-120C and AIM-9 has whiter smoke, AIM-54 very white, while AIM-7 has more darker smoke.


Maybe ED considers "upgrading" their some where in the near future. Really looking forward to it.

Cheers ED 🙏 😉





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