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Error debugging DISABLED during missionCommand callback? Why on earth?

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I've just returned from a debugging trip from hell that almost landed me in the looney bin. Reason: when you set up a callback via missionCommands.addCommand (and their siblings), it seems that when the callback is invoked, Lua suppresses any errors that occur. Should your code do something wrong (e.g. miss a parameter, or dereference nil) it will simply fail silently, without any indication that something has gone wrong. Unless you know what to look for, this can drive you insane (of course I was unlucky enough to insert an error into the debug code that ALSO failed silently - go figure).


Does anyone know why this is, and how I can fix that? For debugging purposes I now relay all command callbacks via a scheduled invocation after 0.1 seconds, but that is an ugly cludge that does not scale well


Thanks for any pointers.

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