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Raven One Campaign Mission 3 Bug - Wingman crashes into player during AAR

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Dear Baltic_Dragon, 


First of all, I am massively enjoying your campaign, truely a great piece of work! 


As stated above, I found something that is likely a bug.

In mission 3, I was refueling with TEXACO 55 (on the right basket) with my Wingman also refueling (on the left basket). Once my Wingman has concluded refueling he broke away to the right and crashes right into me. It always takes me a moment (or twelve moments) to catch the basket which results in me still refueling when he is done. 

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?




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Hi Fortunate,


a option might be to control/command the formation you are flying...... the wingman returns to the default formation. Try open formation ...




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