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Mod Request: Yukikaze Type 1, Type 2, and Electronic Warfare Type

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So, one thing I'd like to do in the future, especially once the clouds can be customized, is do a short campaign based on the anime series Yukikaze (those of you who haven't seen it, it's only five episodes long, and a great show), with our current gen aircraft going up against the JAM invasion of Earth.


Now, I had planned to do something akin to that a while back with my own group using the existing aircraft in DCS, but I think it would be neat to face off against the actual JAM fighters seen throughout the show (albeit, it would be an absolute slaughter in many cases). So, that begs the big question: Who would like to see such craft as adversary AI?


For those that don't know what the JAM fighters actually look like, here's some pics people have made:

Type 1

Yukikaze - GEARS Online

Yukikaze - GEARS Online

jam-type1-03.gif (800×545) | 雪風, 宇宙船, 戦闘機

Type 2

Yukikaze - GEARS Online

Yukikaze - GEARS Online

Booster Type:

Anyone up to talk about Yukikaze and how fucking amazing it is? - /m/ -  Mecha - 4archive.org


There is another type seen in the final episode that basically looks like two Type-1s stuck together with a radar attached akin to an AWACS, and that one likes to muck with the Human drone fighters.


So, who here would be up for such an interesting and... alien challenge?

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