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hey guys. i noticed this in the f18 and also in the f16.

i play in vr.

since the update, the mfds seem very dark. its playable in the f18, but in the f16, it is very hard to read things on the fcr. it is just not very bright.


i deleted metashaders and fxo, but it didnt make a difference.


am i the only one with that problem? 


i think it has to do with the new lights modell, thats why i put it in the „weather and clouds“ forum.

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Can confirm this, happen on Hornet and Viper, can´t confirm on others, looks like it has to deal with the daytime the missión starts

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Posted (edited)

to increase the brightness of the text of the mfd in the F-16C I recommend to edit 3 lua text files




edit line

83    thickness  = 1.3,--MFD_stroke_thickness
84    fuzziness  = 2.2,--MFD_stroke_fuzziness
86    default    = {8.0, 9.5}, -- DIs (display increments)

150    thickness  = 1.3,--MFD_stroke_thickness * 2.1
151    fuzziness  = 2.2,--MFD_stroke_fuzziness
153    default    = {8.0, 9.5},





edit line

30    materials["MFD_FONT_BKGND_WHITE"]        = {121, 255, 19, 255}
32    materials["LMFD_MATERIAL"]            = {121, 255, 19, 255}    -- Default color for all MFDs


will make the text green like the ded





edit line

1    night_start_time = 10.0 -- in hours
2    night_end_time = 10.0


it will always be bright at any time

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