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SooooOOOooOOOoo. I bought the Tank killer upgrade for the Hog and decided the first place to try it out was my favorite campange the Enemy within. Things were going pretty great the HMCS is a reall game changer for the Warthog. Blasted threw the first mission no problem. I am on the second mission and I am now stuck. The part were the truck comes out just north of the 3rd river. I did this mission in the original EW. But I can not get it to trigger in 3.0. I have done low pass overs. I have even attacked the truck. I flew an orbit over it for an hour to see if I could just wait it out nothing. Unless I am missing something here the mission is bugged ? I noticed the X on the HMCS that shows the convoy disapears to at this point. any suggestions ?

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