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Georgian Hammer problem

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Hi Guys,


I'm doing Georgian Hammer in 2.7 for the A10cII. I can't seem to progress. I get through missions and "End Mission" and it goes onto the next mission which I complete with "End Mission" again. I can do this a couple of times and then it goes back to the mission where I have to escort Maple and Pine to Dakota and Nevada, two or three missions back.


Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug?





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I haven't done this campaign in 2.7 but did you get "Mission Completed" message?  And did it say Mission completion "100" on the debrief page where you press "End Mission"?


Make sure you're completing the mission parameter or it'll go back.  You can check exactly what the mission goal is by opening the mission in Mission Editor.  You can find out your mission file name at beginning of the mission briefing.

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