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Cloud structure issue

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I have no idea what to call this thread, and with the size of the fan club judging from the majority of the comments IRT the clouds, I'm probably in the minority and presently putting on my Kevlar vest, but here goes...


This is meant for conversation and constructive criticism, not a bashing session. The cloud technology is a great step forward, the issue I'm having is, they look really fake to me. I'm not sure if it's because I do some 3D work and like watching a Hollywood movie where you have some insight in some domain and that knowledge completely ruins a movie by how much they got it wrong... the clouds look like a 3D noise texture of about 3 different sizes, similar to procedural terrain generation techniques, and I just can't unsee it. The gaps between the puff balls, at each level of the texture are just too noticeable. May I suggest adjusting your color ramp as it were, to help each cotton ball blend together so that each respective puff isn't so noticeable. Increase the size of each puff so they overlap or change the blending so they multiply together better? Picture says 1000 words?


Same photo side by side, just highlighting the obvious small puff balls, which are then grouped as larger puff balls, which are then volumetrically grouped in the cloud shape volume. Photo 3 is my quick attempt to blur the midtones between the puffs to portray how I believe they would look nicer, on the left side of that photo.






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I’m all in for improving the clouds, but I wonder if all that blurry can be done without increasing the already important fps hit that the clouds cause.


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I realize I used some "blur" to create a vision of what I was trying to articulate, but from a technical standpoint, all I'm saying is each individual puff ball should be scaled up such that it overlaps its neighbor so that these gaps between puff balls go awy. I'm not suggesting they add a blur in the shader or anything.

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