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Hello HB, first I want to thank you for the roadmap. It sounds very interesting and I m excited what will come in the future.
But I have also a request. Please dont forget the "small" things like...
1. Enviromental effects like icing or canopy fogging 
2.Overheating effect if the air source is not given.
3. Master test selector (OBC, EMERG GEN)
4. Influence of the new clouds on the sensors (I assume every developer has to adapt this to theier modules...or not?)
5. Maybe pre calculated raytracing?

Dont get me wrong. The F14 is an awesome module and I love it. But its the details that makes the difference between a good and the best module. 

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Cool features indeed and very welcome but I don't think any* of it is part of the release contract, so yeah, after all else is done, they surely can think about possibilities to add more.

*Ad. 4. It already affects TCS (&LANTIRN?) and the rest (radar/Sidewinder) will follow but the module uses a lot of info provided from DCS core engine anyway - so both sides (HB & ED) will have some work to do here, especially when the clouds are just optical obstacles for us atm, but not for the AI or radars.

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