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So, I'm sure many of us are either in, or run a unit that is meant to be fictional in nature (akin to a PMC or something). So with that in mind, let's see some of the fictional liveries you guys came up with.



1. It can't be a 'true' adaptation of a real one (IE, having your name of nose-art on the VF84 livery).

2. It can't be a fictional livery that exists in another IP (so, no Ace Combat or Robotech for example)

3. It can't be an adaptation of 2

4. It must be safe for work

5. It must be something you, or a member of your unit, created.


This isn't a contest btw, I just wanna see what people have cooked up when their imaginations went nuts.


But to start, here's the one for my unit, the 145th PMC Group "WildDogs"



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