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Collective Control

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@Mokisame here.

I also have it next to my left hip and have the axis reversed so I pull for max throttle and collective up. and push to bottom the throttle and down the collective.

having the throttle always at full back helps act as a guide for your hand. you know how much collective you are pulling by how close your hand is to the throttle.

saves you having to check the EGT gauge as often as you can get a feel for it instead. (collective position in relation to throttle).

having a short throw can make it a bit twitchy in the Hip and gazelle but for the huey I find it works well.


the stick on the other hand has a way too strong return/centre spring. to fly the huey neatly.

as the huey has no flight assist you need to "stir the soup" with constant little stick inputs.

i removed the big centre spring (there are youtube video showing how).

others get extensions to make the stick longer. (more leverage )


you can fly it with the spring in but it wont be as neat and you will have a sore hand after a long cruise.

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My Rig: i7 4930k 4.5Ghz, 16GB DDR3 2400, 2x SSD, EVGA 1080 Superclocked, Warthog Throttle and Stick, MFG Crosswinds, Oculus Rift.

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I use a X52 throttle on a pedestal that angles it down 45 degrees so you get sort of the "pull up to increase collective" effect.


My throttle is just mapped to two keys, throttle up and throttle down.  I set the throttle to 100% and let the governor control the throttle.  If I really want to practice auto rotations I can use the button to throttle down but I haven't touched my throttle in flight in months.


An extension on the stick will make fine control of the cyclic much easier.  Throttle for collective. Pedals for yaw.  I know some people use stick twist instead of pedals so its possible but every bit of control helps with a helicopter since its naturally unstable and wants to kill you all the time.


I love the Huey.  I learned a lot about how helicopters fly that I wasn't aware of before.  Its great fun going low and slow, sightseeing at or below tree level. Its also very challenging and once you figure it out very rewarding.  The Huey is also very simple system wise so learning how to get it started and ready to go is easy.  You will spend your time learning to fly and not spending hours trying to memorise all the buttons and switches to get your weapons and targeting systems sorted out.



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On 5/1/2021 at 9:38 PM, Miccara said:

Thinking of buying the Huey. I have a Warthog setup and wondered how you manage flying a chopper without a collective control?
What do I really need to fly choppers on DCS?




I use a X56 system. Throttle is set to a ROTARY SWITCH that I can't bump into as I fly. Why? you only need it for start up and shut down. The Collective is set to Both of the Throttle handles locked together. (I have a very large hand) The throttle works in REVERSE of a Jet and Prop Plane. Push the throttle forward to remove collective pull it back to Add Collective. after you get use to it. try to fly a plane. lol 

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