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F-14 like "video export toggle"

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As some of you might know, the F-14B in the RIO seat has a feature called "video export toggle", which is a key bind that gives you a fullscreen picture of the Lantirn pod video output, the same would be awesome to have for the TADS. I know that at first glance this option seems rather unnecessary or right out useless. But keep in mind that this feature would give us the oportunity to replicate that legendary Apache guntape footage we all love!


To sum it up: Its awesome for content creators and looks really cool, i might imagine it also being very usefull when flying in VR where you could get a higher resolution picture of the TADS which would combat the struggle many people have with reading MFDs in VR.

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I think that having that work in VR would make my head spin in circles. (if its in full screen)

But nowadays VR headset are getting better. I just upgraded from a Oculus Rift to a HP reverb G2 and i can actualy read MPD's now.

but for the people using a screen i think having that exported in the way you say would be a cool option for some amazing content!

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