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Ejected Pilot Static Object is John Doe

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When a pilot ejects, a static object is created at the position where the parachute goes down. This static object can be retrieved by the initiator of the rather new S_EVENT_LANDING_AFTER_EJECTION event.


However, important scripting engine functions like :getName() or :getCoalition() fail when applied to the static object representing the pilot.

2021-05-01 20:13:21.291 INFO    SCRIPTING: Trying to get the name via Event.initiator:getName()
2021-05-01 20:13:21.291 ERROR   SCRIPTING: Mission script error: [string "C:\Users\frank\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS.openbeta\/~mis00003FEF.lua"]:38: Unit doesn't exist


The :getName() function is important for identification and for house keeping. The :getCoalition() function is obviously important to know who would send a rescue team to simulate a SAR mission. Other functions like getPosition() and :destroy() work like expected.


Simple example mission attached. Setup is a Hornet with zero fuel so the pilot ejects right after mission start and the track file is kept short.


Hope this helps.


PS: I would prefer a normal unit as ejected pilot (not a static object). This would allow to pick up the guy with a helo.


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It would be great, if the ejected pilot stays alive after landing. And it would be even better, if there would by type a new of task for helicopters - SAR and if the pilots are automaticaly tasked to embark such helicopter ....

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